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NCR: Yoga > Salamba Sarvangasana (supported shoulderstand)

One of my favourite ways to share yoga with my fashion friends is through fashion photos featuring (intentional or not) models in yoga poses. I call this YOGUE ( y o g a + V o g u e ). Here is a classic supported shoulder stand. Salamba Sarvangasana in sanskrit. Sa means with and alamba means support. Sarva means all and anga means limbs. This is one of my favourite postures as it’s a great stress reliever. Whether it’s working for hours in front of a computer or carrying around too many garment & shopping bags which simultaneously make me feel my arms will soon drop to the ground beneath me and my neck & shoulders altogether disappear - a little time in this posture and I feel more human and less hard shelled creature. This posture is also said to be good for thyroid issues as your glottis is contracted. 

It is always worthy to note postures that send us upside down are best not done by women in later stages of pregnancy and if a woman is in her menstrual cycle. This is because the prana (life force) travels in a specific direction and practicing postures against the body while performing a particular function (such as bleeding for women) is counter productive. This posture requires discipline for alignment and can be done with props if there is sensitivity to the neck. I always roll a towel under my neck when I am feeling extra stiff and cricketty. Obviously it’s best performed in a yoga class but whose to say a little mid-afternoon shoulder stand for those experienced enough wouldn’t serve as a perfect pick me up while hitting the office energy slump? ~ Sima


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