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Last fall when Kristin was entering a chilly winter in Toronto filming the first season of Beauty and the Beast, I was also  there working on projects. It was during this time I decided to produce and creative direct a shoot.  It’s very difficult to fill the demand of photo requests for clients while they are in season shooting. What a lot of people don’t understand is actors on a series work Monday - Friday and VERY LONG HOURS. This isn’t a 9-5 job. Often times requests come in for shoots which  can only happen on a weekend when the lead character has days off. This obliterates much needed days for rest, replenish and learning lines for Monday! 

Our idea was to produce a shoot and work with people we like. Both of us believe in the Aristotle quote “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”  This meant calling on photographer Dexter Quinto, who we’ve worked with twice before (Street Fighter promo shots and Shape magazine respectively). Dexter has a wonderful energy, is very talented (we both love his clean yet warm aesthetic) and most importantly, Kristin and I value his willingness to collaborate. He doesn’t dictate the look of a shoot but rather respects and welcomes the ideas of the collective. I then brought in Charise Mariel Garcia, founder of kaeru communications, a public relations firm in Toronto. Charise and I first met via FAX (YES! IT’S TRUE!) while she was an intern at Fashion Magazine and I was styling shoots sending in designer requests. She was the woman doing whatever needed to be done to help make things happen. She’s a seasoned professional in the world of fashion, worn many different hats and is a driven and focused young businesswoman. Charise represents some amazing talent and provided a lot of the clothing and accessories for our Audrey shoot. Her clients are as warm and gracious as she is. Featured is Valentine K, Niki and Lola, Ela handbags, Kay Tran Eyewear. Other collaborators who have become part of our east coast fashion family are Greta Constantine, Triarchy denim, Ka’kia, RAC Boutique and artist Elke Hechler, whose hand made necklace is featured on the cover shot. Shoots for us isn’t just about “free stuff”. We like to collaborate & curate with talent who we have shared values with in quality & design. Our goal is to be authentic in the images we are creating so they are extension of the person vs. fabricating a persona. This shoot beautifully captures the many sides of Kristin’s personality. It was also this shoot that I met Eman, our gorgeous Egyptian hair and makeup artist. She was able to pull off all my specific requests which such detail and precision. There were a lot of different set ups and change of styles and not one felt like a compromise. 

Here is a behind the scenes video showcasing what goes into the process of making a shoot happen and how it can be fun and easy when all the moving parts come together like a ballet or symphony. Tomorrow we’ll post the cover photo and the full interview. Our goal in sharing is to showcase our love of creative collaboration and let our readers and fans in behind the scenes to share the organic nature of how Kristin and I have grown as artists and friends and why we collectively want to share our vision and expressions with you. We both hope you enjoy! ~ Sima

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