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When Kristin and I arrived in Kauai we had no idea we would have THE BEST (oh yeah, I did just say THE BEST) food experience EVER. We landed koo koo over the coconut and papaya we knew awaited us. But things went bananas when we found ourselves on the North Shore in Hanalei at Bar Acuda. The restaurant came as a recommendation from three different sources to my iPhone on the same day. So it was a no brainer that we would go. Mummyji was already on the island with us and our friend Rose had just flown in. It was one of those magical days that could never have been planned or mapped out. We collected Rose from Lihue airport and told her we were driving to the North Shore. Upon arrival the weather changed dramatically. We left the sunny South Shore and entered a land of mist and lush and pouring rain. Our first stop was the beach. As everyone left for shelter from the downpour … we ran into the ocean ( which btw I always want to call the sea - so for future reference I may take creative liberties over geography). We frolicked in the sea like young giggling girls do. It was such an exhilarating feeling of joy and a throwback to innocent days when none of us had any awareness of the responsibilities, trials, tribulations, love & heartache that comes with life. All there was in this moment was PLAY. It was bliss. 

We mooched about the town checking out local shops - buying snacks to tie us over, changing on the side of the road where I may have been more naked than not at some point, Kristin bought a new bikini… we killed time. Until Bar Acuda slayed us with the most delicious meal of our lives. We sat outside and had a really lovely and friendly server named Jordan. She knew a lot about the menu and one thing I personally appreciated was the lack of “server voice”. You know that high pitched helium voice the girls at restaurants like Cactus Club or Earls always greet you and take your order with. Jordan had none of that. She engaged us as … wait for it… human beings! She shared with us the nature of the menu and how ingredients were local where possible except the tomatoes were grown on another island. She walked us through the menu we made or choices and a taste explosion proceeded. Even the sangria was so tasty! The day could best be described as divine intervention. If I were to be granted a last supper… Bar Acuda would be it. ~ Sima

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